Escape Rooms have become a great way to enhance the dynamics of any workplace... 


Everyone will have the opportunity to participate in the escape game, as well as what promises to be a productive discussion. Your team-building event at Escape Zone 360 will include gathering information in an effort to concentrate on a possible focus area prior to the event, so it can be tailored to your business needs. To start, we commonly discuss communication, collaboration, and critical thinking. These skills are helpful in the escape room, the workplace, as well as everyday life.

The stage will be set with some preliminary discussion prior to the Game Master giving you the official rules and storyline of your live-action game. You will have one hour to work together to study clues, solve puzzles, and complete objectives. You'll then reconvene with your facilitator for a post-game evaluation of what you learned. The exact pricing would depend on the number of players (currently a maximum of 6) and the duration of discussion times. You can use the contact form to inquire about specifics and reserve your team-building event today!