Do's & Dont's of Escape Zone 360

1. There must be one adult over 18 years of age for every four minors aged 17 & under. You are solely responsible for the conduct of your party for the duration of your time with us.

2. Every member of your team is to give full attention and utmost respect to your Game Master while they go over safety protocols, structure of our games, and set the stage for your escape room adventure.


3. Any guest appearing to be under the influence of alcohol will be strictly prohibited from entering the escape room without a refund.


4. Please, no food or drink inside our office. It is a liability and spills cause damages.


5. No cell phones or any other electronic devices are permitted. We will be happy to take a post-game photo that we can send/post for you.  We do have lockers for your convenience.


6. No strong smelling lotion, oils, or perfumes in the building or just before you enter.


7. Please do dress comfortably for your active escape room adventure. We respectfully ask that you dress modestly in attire that appropriately covers your person. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

8. Do not use excessive force of any kind in the escape room. If done correctly, everything should operate or open as easily as a click of a pen. Ask your Game Master for clues if you feel you are stuck. You will be charged the cost to replace any damaged props plus the labor involved for building and re-installing them.

9. Do not tamper with light fixtures or electrical outlets in any way whatsoever. Violation will result in a fine and permanent expulsion from our business.

10. Do not climb on any walls, furnishings, or props. Anything you need to touch or see will be available to be done with your feet kept on the floor.

11. You must keep your shoes on for the duration of the game.

12. While it can be an exciting adventure in our room(s) we respectfully ask you to keep your voices to a minimum so that only you can hear each other inside the room.